Adult Therapy

My work and training are in the field of trauma, working with individuals and families who have suffered a traumatic event. Many of my clients make contact because they are experiencing, and struggling with, the disturbing adverse psychological, emotional and physical effects of traumatic events in their life.

During counselling, I consider each of my client’s traumatic distress and the events that impact living today, with a deep consideration that trauma is not only transmitted from within, but also across families and across generations. 

From a client’s unique perspective and lived experience, together we explore the current presenting problem, the impact of traumatic events, and the lingering distress that affects functioning (emotions, view of the world, outbursts and other difficult behaviours, relationship fragmentation, withdrawal, memory scarcity, family (dys)function, coping). Treatment is unearthed during the therapeutic experience of not just narrative but mind-body connection.